Chimica Edile is a company born in 1981 from the spin-off of the parent company Edilmarket, already present since 1968, and from the will of the founder to diversify its activities and devote itself to the search for materials that would protect man and the environment.

THE EARLY YEARS the early eighties dealt with plasters, mortars, and lime paints. Then having the intuition to focus efforts in a particular direction, that being the use of expansive agents for cutting stone blocks in quarries. It is the turning point that, in a very short time, will make the company grow to become the world leader in the production of expansive mortar for use in the quarry.

In recent years, moreover, it has approached the world of green building, with cutting-edge products for the restoration of environments, the dehumidification and recovery of degraded concrete. Finally, it has developed a line of lime-based additives which are indispensable for counteracting the shrinkage of cement mortars, both in the plastic and hardening phases.

CHIMICA EDILE TODAY is a group with four companies (Italy, Argentina, Brazil and USA) and numerous distributors, present in almost all markets in the world, both with direct sellers and through companies connected to it. The constant presence in the area ensures widespread technical assistance and a prompt response to customer needs. The continuous search for new solutions combined with a dynamic interaction between human resources and respect for the environment are the strengths of a constantly growing company. The technical laboratory ensures quality controls on each product marketed, always guaranteeing high reliability and durability.

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