New generation sintered oxide-based shrinkage compensating agent. A single, easy-to-apply product with technically advanced functions for the packaging of cement-based premixes with absolute volumetric control.

It works by regulating the dimensional variations of the preparation due to shrinkage. It improves the water-repellent characteristics and increases the mechanical performance, allowing to obtain quality and durability products at very low costs.

The newly formulated DRY D1 is an inorganic product, in powder, free from chlorides and other harmful components for cement-based mixtures. DRY D1 is a sintered calcium oxide heat treated in a particular way and selected granulometrically, with mineral additions obtained by means of particular synthesis processes. It is ecological as it is 100% biodegradable.

DRY D1 is used for the packaging of concrete, structural mortars with high performance and controlled volumetric stability with modulated initial micro-expansion and almost no long-term shrinkage, new generation screeds compliant with all new international standards and low cost for greater competitiveness in the markets.

In connection with the dosage of our product we usually “divide”the market or the possible uses of our product in the industrial floor in 2:

  1. To perform a shrinkage compensation concrete (ShCC), test by ASTM C 878, and the ACI 223 recommendation, that involve the construction of joint floors with steel rebars. The typical dosage is between 16lbs/yd3 to 40lbs/yd3 of concrete. The presence of steel rebar implies more restrain to expansion, so a higher dosage is need. Apart from that, the concrete have to have a residual expansive tension after the end of the establish shrinkage (at least is the most common requeriment of the clients).
  2. To perform what we call “Shrinkage Control Concrete”: the general idea is to produce a concrete with very low shrinkage (usually between only 150 or 300 µm of shrinkage up do 56 days), usually combined with the steel fibers, synthetic fibers or glass fibers. The dosage of this option is between 16 to 40 lbs per yd3

Dry D1 NG Advantages

Reduces/Eliminates the formation of shrinkage cracks

The expansion of DRY D1, generated by its hydration, can compensate for both chemical shrinkage and drying shrinkage of the cement. As a result, shrinkage is reduced or eliminated, while the durability of the concrete increases. This characteristic gives us a highly resistant concrete, with exclusive characteristics that only our specific product offers.

Chemical Pre-compression

DRY D1 generates a moderate expansion in the initial phase of concrete hardening, which, added to the restrictions such as those generated by steel bars, generates a compression effect in the concrete, which is called chemical pre-compression. The compression force not only cancels or reduces the stresses generated by drying shrinkage, from which cracks are derived, but also reduces porosity which increases the water impermeability of the concrete.


Our Dry D1 is 100% biodegradable and ecological, and have an indicated use in:

1 – Industrial floors
2 – Slabs and Slab under Pressure
3 – Capings
4 – Concrete walls
5 – Precast concrete
6 – Concrete pipe
7 – Low shrinkage concrete